Why Do We Collect Airplane Models?

Airplane models collecting and why collectors do it.


I was a collector before starting this hobby shop and I work in aviation industry.


Collecting is about moving your passion for a certain subject, having a time for yourself doing something that I like while learning with it and even making friends. It’s about showing personality, the opportunity to talk about airplanes using miniatures.


Collecting airplane models gives me a personal satisfaction and a sense of pride especially when I see my collection grow. I also realize that it helps me to eliminate burnout and relive myself from the stress of day-to-day activities. While not all things can be controlled, you can most certainly control and manage your airplane model collection.


Airplane models collecting and why collectors do it.


Well, if you’re questioning that right now, the answers are simple.


It makes you focus on a particular goal. You get a sense of power for choosing which airplane models you want to add to your collection, and which to omit. Remember, goal-setting creates a structure that will allow you to visualize your success and mitigate stress.


It gives you a sense of achievement.  This is why collecting these items will give you a sense of achievement. “Not everyone can,” which means you are special. Among our collectors are excellent photographers. Photographing miniature models is a lot of fun. You control every aspect of the process and your creativity is not compromised by logistics. The mystery behind staging an environment that simulates reality inspires collectors to create the illustration of real life scenes that would normally be a lot more difficult to capture.


It makes you more interesting to your friends. Behind every interesting livery, there is an interesting story, a history. The detailing level is not important to everyone. Having some of them rather low price, the colours and how they look while at the same time evoking childhood memories. Some collectors likes military fighterjets in 1:72 scale while others prefer to pay higher prices for commercial plane models in 1:200 scale and make their own airport in their man cave.




Depending on the scale of plane model you are looking for, collecting can be cheap or expensive, but in both ways it can be very pleasurable. This is Ben. If you have any question, whatsapp me at 98998553. I hope you have a great experience shopping at Airplane Models @ SG.